The Jg 2

A wwII virtual squad

"The" JG2, is a virtual squad with roots going back to wwiionline. Those 12 years gave JG2 it´s fare share of online sorties and new kommodores have replaced the old.
 Some of the greatest leaders in that game were JG2 at one time or another Countless of hours have been spent on guarding the skies over france and many more will come.

 But in a new shape, taking form in IL2 and CloD JG2 Rises again! Building up to it´s former glory with both new and old pilots alike.

Focusing on teamplay, tactics, training and having the best time we can possibly have. JG2 are recruiting Joystick users that are looking for Teamwork, humorous banter and will protect his mates even if it means giving up a kill.

/Phenom Kommodore of JG2

 Stab./JG2 "Geschwader Stab"

Phenom, Geschwaderkommodore.  Oberst

EvilDuck, Adjutant, Oberstleutnant

OZ, Geschwader Operation Officer & Staffelkapitän

/ \

I./JG2 " Die Gelben Falken "                                               II./JG2 "Die Hunde des Krieges" |                                                     |

III./JG2 "Die Kriegsschweine"                                                                          IV./JG2 "JABO"

                       |                                                                              |

V./ JG2 "Die Kampfhahn"                                                          VI./ JG2 "Ergänzungsgruppe"

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